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    Posting Rules - Must Read and Follow

    Alan Jackson
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    Posting Rules - Must Read and Follow  Empty Posting Rules - Must Read and Follow

    Post by Alan Jackson on Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:16 am

    We are tolerant and patient management, but members should make it a point to follow the posting rules. Rules are as follows:

    - Do not post useless or small posts to increase your post count and earn points.
    - No duplicate threads. Make sure you are searching thoroughly before opening a thread. Duplicate threads will simply cause confusion and are also a cheap way to advertise your referral link.
    - Threads without referral links will be removed. This rule is important because we want members to promote sites in which they are involved and can share information. Simple copy paste of threads will be considered spam.
    - Make sure you are following a proper format while posting a thread. See Thread format for more information.
    - Do not hijack others threads. Only the thread creator has permission to post his/ her referral link. Others simply participate in the discussion. No posting referral links in your posts.
    - Do not bump your/ anyone else’s thread. Avoid posting repeatedly in order to keep your thread on top. If members are interested they will post in your thread and you can have a discussion.
    - No Copy & Paste. Its very easy to simply copy and paste other member’s posts. But we do not appreciate such activity. So please try to put forth your own thoughts.
    - Updates, News and other material you get from the site should be includes among the quotes <QUOTE></QUOTE>. If not such messages will be treated as spam and attract deletion.

    Members who fail to comply with any of the rules above will be warned. Failing on obeying the rule again will result in infractions and eventually ban.

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